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Do you wish to reward yourself for your years of hard-work through migrating to a well-rewarding country like Canada or Australia? Or do you wish to continue your studies abroad in a well-reputed institution for a bright future? Whatever is it that you’re looking for, we’re here to make your dreams come true. GEO Consultants is a team of experts who have years of extensive experience compounded with profound knowledge in immigration, study visas and simply visit visas. Our prime goal is to take the burden of the tedious and complex processes, off your back and help you achieve your goals smoothly.

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GEO consultants is the name of a dedicated team that works tirelessly round the clock to serve your needs. We have qualified and experienced professionals who are always up-to-date with the policies and requirements related to visas and immigration requirements. We care a great deal about our clients so we always maintain a transparent system to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Read more about us.


Immigration Services

What we offer for Skilled Persons

Migrate to Canada

Are you looking to settle in a country with amazing opportunities along with easy immigration policies? Then Canada is your choice. Canada is known for its friendly people and cold weather. The country also offers easy immigration policies so you can build a career without feeling like a foreigner.

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Education Services

What we offer for Students

Student Visas usually require a complex tiring procedure that usually exhausts the students. However, there are endless opportunities on the other side of this tunnel and GEO consultants are aware of that. This is why our experts take away your burden and assist you in your Student Visa anywhere in the world. You can benefit from our professional consultants’ years of experience and deep-rooted knowledge. We understand how crucial your education is so we make sure you achieve your goals in the minimum time possible.





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Visitor Visa Services

What We Offer

Do you have any loved one abroad and you wish to see them live without the hustle of months’ long wait of visa? If so, then we are here to make that happen. Our qualified and experienced team of experts will help you get your visit visa in the minimum time possible.

Visit Australia

Australia is known for its beautiful weather along with numerous breathtaking sight-seeing locations. From the 12 Apostles to the Great Ocean Road, the country has a lot to offer to the tourists or visitors. So, if you’re planning a holiday with your family for life-time experience, this country will give you everything you’re looking for. Plan a visit to the land of Kangaroos (Australia subclass 600).

Visit Canada

Canada is the home of friendly people, but that is not the only reason to pick this country for your holiday. Like very few other countries, Canada has a lot to boast when it comes to its natural wonders; Niagara Falls being on top of the list . The country offers the longest coastline with a diverse landscape that can be a great attraction for tourists from across the globe.

Visit USA

USA is a great attraction for the tourists, especially for its diversity. This diverse nature is not only limited to the weather conditions or the landscape, but also the race and ethnicity of the people living there. The country offers a diverse culture with innumerable museums for history-lovers. One can find amazing food, culture and scenic locations in USA, which makes it ‘must’ for every visitor.

Visit UK

UK can be considered heaven for history lovers. The country hosts a number of sites that date back to million of years. The sites are visited by thousands of tourists everyone. This is not all the country has to offer. There are many scenic beauties that attract a large number of tourists every year. From majestic mountains to the exquisite lakes, the country has all to offer that one can hope to see.

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